Today was the first day of camp that we were all allowed off campus to get a drink together at a local bar.
There are some really good people here and I’m really excited about all of this!
We walked down the street as if we were an F’ing parade. We looked rediculous. When we got there the staff was really friendly and there were games to play, too.
Orientation ends Saturday when all the kiddies come but I’m excited for everything about the next few months. Taking pictures of all the different kids and activities and getting to know the other counselors.
It’s going to be a good summer!

Just ate the best cannoli ever

In Phily with Mar and she’s in a mood or whatever so I decided to just go for a walk and get some coffee. As I’m walking I see this italian bakery called Oteri’s and I’m like why does that sound so familiar? So I go in and I recognize it as one of the family bakeries on this TLC show I watched where that jersey cake guy, buddy, goes and gives tips to old school family bakeries on how to keep their business going or whatever.
So I get a cannoli and it was freaking delicious. I don’t think I’ll ever be able to go back to eating grocery store cannolis in Chicago.